MXGP 2020: The official motocross videogame


During my time as a UI Tech Artist for MXGP 2020, I took on the nuts and bolts of UI design, focusing on logic, responsiveness, animations, and layout to ensure a smooth player experience. It was a real learning curve, especially as we navigated the transition to PS5 and Xbox Series X&S, which came with its own set of challenges in meeting new submission guidelines.

Being part of a AAA studio for the first time was eye-opening. I had the chance to work alongside talented individuals, picking their brains, and soaking up insights from designers and seasoned UI Tech seniors. It was an invaluable experience that really helped me grow as a game developer.

UMG / Unreal / Photoshop

UI Tech Artist

PC / XBoxOne / Xbox Series X&S / PS4 / PS5