Inside Monreale


Inside Monreale is a mobile VR headset and flatscreen application deigned to educate the users about the Monreale cathedral rich history. The application was designed to allow the player to explore the structure autonomously and search for hidden "interest points" to learn more about the cathedral frescoes.

The application was developed in Unity without a VR framework (the head rotation is mapped to the camera in the scene) and with a very symple input system where an action is triggered by hovering over an object for a certain amount of time or by doing head gestures. The simple input design was created out of necessity since the application had to run on multiple devices, some without a single input button (like the Google cardboard). The application is also available as a website (using WebGL).

Unity (VRTK) / C# / SamsungSDK / SteamVR

Design, UI / UX, Scripting and Art

Oculus Go / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive / WMR / Gear VR / Google Cardoboard / iOS & Android (using the devices gyroscope) / Web application