GardenKeeper is a mobile VR headset game designed and developed for AffittoGiardino. In the game, players must tend to a garden by using a water gatling gun and water balloon launcher to fend off evil invaders such as moles, acid clouds, and exploding mushrooms that threaten to destroy their hard work.

One of the major challenges I faced was the tight time constraints, compounded by the requirement that the game be compatible with multiple mobile VR headsets. This necessitated careful optimization of both code and assets. Additionally, the limitations of the target devices heavily influenced our choice of art style; for instance, due to the headset's capabilities, we opted for a low-poly aesthetic.

Unity (LWRP) / C# / Blender / Substance Painter

Design, UI / UX, Scripting and Art

Oculus Go / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive